Friday, February 17, 2017

6, 7, and 8 months

Wow I have been slacking at this whole blog thing. Taking care of Nixon and Beckham is no small task.... hence I am 3 months behind on monthly updates. So here's there monthly update pictures!

Friday, November 4, 2016

Family Pictures November 2016

We got our family pictures taken a few days ago! I am completely obsessed with them! I won't bore you with all of them just our favorites!

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

5 months old

Highlights from the last month:
  • Beckham started waking up only once a night! The first time he did it we kept checking on him to make sure he was breathing. He even slept through the night a few times but he only did it a few times and stopped. He normally wakes up between 12 and 2 to eat and he goes back to sleep until about 6. Nixon is working on sleeping better. He sleeps great on his first stretch, from about 7:30/8-12/1. After that though he wakes up every 2-3 hours, sometimes every hour. That first stretch is glorious and we are beyond grateful for it! 
  • One day we were extremely bored and I had forgotten a few grocery items thanks to mom brain so we made a trip to target to pick up a few things. They did great! They love riding in their stroller and we didn't hear a single peep from them the whole time we were there. We haven't ventured out to the store again but I bet we will soon. We're all getting a little cabin fever, they get bored and fussy from always being home. Anytime we go out they are much happier when we return home. 
  • We took the boys out on date night with us to Bajio. We ate outside to avoid all the germs. They didn't last very long and we actually ended up bringing most of our meal home. It was good to get out even if it didn't go exactly as we planned. I am learning to not have plans or expectations. 

  • We went hiking in Rock Canyon-- even if it was only 30 minutes-- with some family. Can you even call 30 minutes a hike?? We put the boys in their solly wraps, they immediately fell asleep and stayed asleep until we put them back in their car seats to come home. 
  • We got a 5 hour date while the boys were with Kelli (one of our NICU nurses) and her daughter Baylie. We went to the temple and to dinner. We also went to test drive a SUV, we haven't pulled the trigger to buy one yet but we will soon. Kelli and her daughter come to babysit twice a month. Kelli will text me when she knows her work schedule with dates she can come. I used to only pick one day but her and her daughter insist we pick two days to let them come, I honestly think they like watching the boys more than we like the break!
  • We took Nixon and Beckham to meet their great grandma Gray. She lit up when she saw them for the first time. It was so special to see them together. 
  • Bobby blessed the boys on Saturday October 29. We reserved the relief society room at our church and blessed them there and had dinner after. Bobby did such a great job on their blessings. I am so grateful that Bobby holds the priesthood and was able to bless them. My parents were able to FaceTime us so they were able to witness the blessings along with us. When they were born it was hard to believe that we would make it to this point. Blessing them brought on so many emotions. 

  • The boys finally know that a bath means it's time to go to bed. They both love getting a bath. They even like getting lotion on after. Nixon HATES getting dressed after lotion though, he cries so loud, we're not sure if it's because he doesn't like getting dressed or because he's hungry. Once we start feeding them they both start closing their eyes with satisfaction. Lately we've gotten them both to bed by 8. Normally they go to bed between 7:30 and 8. 
  • They have both become little talkers. Nixon is more vocal than Beckham most days. There was one morning where I had them laying next to each other and Nixon was staring at Beckham and cooing, it was like he was trying to get his attention. Beckham didn't coo back but he did touch Nixon even if it was just accidental. 
  • They love sitting up, most of the time if they are fussy they want one of three things. Either to lay on the ground to play, to sit up on our laps, or to eat. They love to sit facing out to look at any and everything, that is except each other. We try to sit them across from each other but they avoid looking at each other at all cost. It's kind of funny how much effort they put into looking away from each other. 

Time is going by so quickly. How are my babies 5 months old?? They are right on track developmentally with their adjusted age. They are doing what a 3 month old baby should be doing, which is right where they should be. I can't wait to see what this next month brings!

Saturday, October 1, 2016

4 months old

I can't believe that the boys are 4 months old. They are starting to stay awake more during the day and sleep a tiny bit more at night. They both love when you talk to them and they both smile and coo. These boys are so much work but we couldn't imagine life without them now. 

Thursday, September 15, 2016

This too shall pass-- hopefully

Taking care of twins is so hard. I keep thinking that I have a good grip on taking care of both of them alone but then reality likes to slap me in the face and laughs at me while I cry from being overwhelmed. 

If both babies had the temperament of Beckham I think I could manage them a lot better. You see Beckham is very calm, he is very reasonable and knows once we pick him up that he will get food or we will find a different way to soothe him. He trusts us. Nixon on the other hand screams sometimes even after we have started feeding him. We think he has colic so we give him gripe water and gas drops. I also think it's acid reflux but our Doctor won't give medicine until he's older. So until then we are constantly trying to figure out ways to soothe him. I cry with him sometimes because I feel like as his mom I should just instinctively know how to calm him down. Most of the time my efforts are pointless because he just cries and screams despite my best efforts. 

One baby would be a walk in the park. Sometimes-- actually a lot of the time-- I wish that this stage was over, I'm not a fan of the newborn stage. Being exhausted all the time is hard, and being anxious and stressed on top of it is really taking its toll on me. I really am trying to stay positive, if only I could find a way to clone myself! I have asked for help a few times but I am always hesitate. I don't know how many people are serious when they tell me to ask them for help-- I wonder if they are just saying that to be polite or if they really do want to help. 

I hope no one thinks I'm not grateful for my two sons-- I am! I knew twins would be a lot of work I just didn't realize the toll the work would take on me. If I could get more than 3 hours of uninterrupted sleep I would be a new person! I also think getting out of the house to do something other than grocery shopping would help too!

It's a good thing that my love for them is so strong-- most days that's the only thing that gets me through. 

I hope this didn't make anyone upset. I know a lot of people struggle with infertility and losing children and those people would gladly take my spot. I really am beyond grateful that I was blessed to be Nixon and Beckham's mom.  


Monday, September 5, 2016


Babies cry, I knew this, or at least I thought I did. It starts around 5 or 6 most nights and last at least an hour or two. Gripe water helps a little and so do walks outside. Tonight though I was home alone with the boys so a walk wasn't possible. I tried all my tricks-- food, cuddles, and talking to them-- nothing worked. They didn't stop crying until I held them at the same time, bounced and rocked them, and sang them "You are my sunshine" about 100 times. I sent Bobby a text and he headed home. When he walked in I finally had them calmed down. This is the hardest job I've ever had but I wouldn't trade it. Motherhood isn't always glamorous but it's always worth it.